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Christopher BauerYour meeting objectives are clear. You want your attendees to be stars at persistently doing what they say and saying what they do. The trust of their customers – and yours – depends on it.

You also want them to:

  • be actively engaged and not simply passive listeners.
  • come away with practical, immediately-applicable ideas, tools, and resources.
  • have an experience that will really help ‘move the needle’ for their skillset and, of course, their success.

For all these reasons, you want Christopher Bauer to speak at your event.

Christopher Bauer’s most requested programs are:

Creating A Culture of Ethics, Compliance, and Accountability

Christopher BauerEthics, compliance, and accountability share a common skillset; all are about doing what you say and saying what you do. This is a hard-hitting yet often-humorous program that will show attendees personal and organizational risks to ethics, compliance, and accountability they probably never even knew they had as well as what they can do right now to make sure those risks don’t turn into costly problems on the job. This program is perfect for everyone from the front lines right up through senior management.

This program is available as a 60 -100 minute presentation, a three to four-hour highly interactive seminar or as a 60-100 minute general session program followed by one to three additional hours/concurrent sessions for folks who would like to dig more deeply into the material. Customized full-day programs are also available.*

The book, “Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming” is recommended as reading to follow-up this program. Please see the Store page for details on this book and feel free to contact me to arrange a significant discount on bulk orders for your attendees.

(*For more information on Christopher Bauer’s programs on professional ethics, please visit www.BauerEthicsSeminars.com.)

Becoming the Employee/Department/Company Your Customers Will (and Should!) Always Trust

Ultimately your company’s success will live or die based on the degree to which your customers, potential customers, and referral sources trust you. Yet, creating and maintaining customer trust is easier said than done. This program will provide your attendees with the essential ideas and tools necessary to both build and maintain the level of customer trust we all know is essential to sustained business success.

This program is available as a 30-100 minute presentation, a three to four-hour highly interactive seminar or as a 30-100 minute general session program followed by one to three additional hours/concurrent sessions for attendees who would like to dig more deeply into the material. Customized full-day programs are also available.

“100% of the feedback I’ve gotten on your program has been positive. Thank you for making it a great learning experience that was also fun!”

— Steve Sheehan, Director of Staff Development
Mental Health Cooperative

“Your program was fabulous! It was both very inspiring and motivational!”

— J.R., attendee
Intercontinental Hotels Group

“Your seminar was both useful and entertaining. It was a program that could have gone on for the entire day and would have still held the interest of the group!”

— Scott Asher, Project Manager
CH2M Hill

“This was extremely informative and will help in my dealing with the public, personnel, and my governing board. Thanks!”

— H.C., attendee
Illinois Public Service Institute

“This presentation … will touch our lives on a daily basis – both on our jobs and in our personal lives. Thanks!”

— L.L., attendee
Tennessee Business Travel Association

Unleashing The Incredible Power Of Your Values Statement

At the end of the day, a well-written values statement may affect your business every bit as profoundly as your mission statement. Why? Because it will guide every aspect of employees’ decision-making and will align their behavior – all day and every day – with your company’s core values. Yet most companies either don’t have a values statement or don’t have one designed for maximum (or, sometimes, even minimal) impact. This high-powered program is designed primarily for management teams and boards and it will take you through the essential steps of creating or improving your values statement. It will then provide critical strategies and tactics for harnessing the amazing power of a well-constructed values statement through the do’s and don’ts of effective implementation. Done right, this process will help you drive business-maximizing initiatives in management, leadership, customer service, and branding. This is a ‘must-do’ process for companies and yet it is one that is simply overlooked by far too many businesses.

This program is available as a 60-100 minute presentation or as a two to three-hour intensive ‘hands-on’ workshop.

“Chris’ ideas … were practical and thought-provoking, and he made his points with humor, authority and great energy. Our …leaders came away with substantive ideas on how to prevent ethics issues from becoming a problem in the workplace. His humor and substance are able to turn a potentially dull subject into a great learning experience.”

— Pamela Green, Director of Member Services
Maine Bankers Association

“You have no idea how difficult it is to find speakers who are simultaneously as relevant to our profession and as entertaining. You more than met both criteria! Attendees were asking to have you back even before the conference ended.”

— Kristen Beach, President
Kentucky Rehabilitation Association

Christopher Bauer

Who says high-content programs can’t also be fun?