How Does ‘An Ethics Guy’ Become a ‘Customer Trust Guy’?

Many of you know me as someone with a long history of writing, speaking, and consulting on ethics in the workplace and so I get a lot of questions about how that qualifies me to also write, speak, and consult on creating and maintaining customer trust. The answer is really quite simple; my corner of the professional ethics world and my corner of the customer trust world are really one and the same. My expertise in both areas is in how to help individuals and organizations to clearly and persistently say what they do and then do what they say.

As I work more and more with my clients on this process of accountability (for lack of a better word) two things always happen, ethics in the workplace improve and customer trust is continually supported and strengthened. It isn’t unusual for a client to be working on one and only later notice that the other is also occurring. However, that the two are intimately tied is certain.

As I focus more and more on customer trust, I will be using this blog as a platform – along with my monthly customer trust-building tipsheet – to provide tips and tools on creating and maintaining customer trust. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and, while doing so, not feel confused about how “an ethics guy” became “a customer trust guy”. I’m still the same person with the same expertise. I’m just giving it a slightly new twist by looking at it all through a slightly different window. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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