ETHICS U – Great New Ethics Site From LAUSD

I've been impressed in the past with the Los Angeles Unified School District's ethics initiative and so, apparently, have all of you since one of their great ethics videos is one of the most viewed links on this blog. They have now unveiled their new "ETHICS U" website and I recommend that everyone have a look at it. Yes, this means you too…

Regardless of your industry or job description, there are concepts there that you can use. Perhaps more importantly, it provides a great model for how an organization's ethics website can be set up so as to be informative and helpful to employees at all levels of an organization.

Rather than my trying to somehow summarize what's there and describe it's great functionality, just go give it a look. If you're looking for a model for your organization's ethics site, I'd say that they've developed one of the best ones out there. Consider me (perhaps obviously) a fan. Are there other sites with more depth and breadth out there? Absolutely. Do they function nearly as well? Not in my mind.

Have a difference of opinion? Let me know. Like their site as much as I do? Let them know. Ethics programs like theirs can use all the support we can possibly provide!

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