PR’s Role In Ethical Business and CSR: Tips for Consultants of All Kinds

Nice article in The Firm Voice (a publication of the Council of Public Relations Firms) on PR's role in reinforcing the need for ethics and CSR in communicating with their clients. Though I was appreciative that they quoted me, the strength of the article is in the range of views from a variety of PR experts (unlike myself…) who do a nice job of collectively providing both tips and rationales for keeping a frank and persistent discussion of ethics in the conversation with clients. Even though the piece is geared towards PR professionals, the ideas in the piece feel like a great fit for experts – and perhaps particularly consultants – in all fields.

Though I'll strongly suggest reading the entire article, one quote that particularly stood out to me was from Ann Subervi of Utopia Communications who said:

"Too many agencies use CSR, ethics and reputation management as buzz words to close a sale. They would do well to make sure they are internalizing these concepts before they look to sell them to others. Few agencies actually do true ethics training, and fewer still enforce ethics among the rank and fileā€”or their clients."

Amen on all counts, I'm sorry to have to say. All-the-more unfortunate is that her comments hold true for so many companies in so many different industries with whom we all seem to deal every single day.

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