More Information on Ethics Programs for Social Workers, Counselors, Case Managers, and Psychologists

I wasn't expecting quite so much email on the announcement of my offering ethics training programs for behavioral health and rehabilitation professionals. It's been terrific to know that there is so much interest, though! To provide more detail, I've put up a page on my website with information specifically on these programs. If you'd like to be on the notification list for upcoming programs – or if you might be interested in arranging an in-house program for your clinic or agency – you can use the information request form right on that page.

For the few of you who wondered if I'm moving away from my other ethics programs for businesses and associations – not at all! As always, information on those programs can be found at In the coming year, it is my hope to start doing a larger number of in-house programs. If you happen to know of a department or company who might be interested in fine tuning their ethics program, I hope you'll suggest that they check out the website to see if one of my programs might be a good fit for them.

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