Ethics Training for Social Workers, Counselors, Case Managers, and Psychologists

Happy New Year!

As some of you may know, my background is in clinical psychology and, outside of my work in business ethics and values, I have maintained an on-going involvement in the world of mental and behavioral health. As one part of that, I have long-provided ethics training programs for behavioral health providers and administrators. Until now, those programs have been provided solely as in-house seminars and at professional conferences. Starting in '09, I'll also be providing these programs to the behavioral health professionals' community at large. (Or, perhaps more plainly stated, I'll be providing public seminars as well…)

Know anyone who might have an interest? These programs will be directly applicable to those in the fields of social work, mental and behavioral health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, mental health and rehabilitation case management, and clinical psychology. Information is available here!

Meanwhile, back at the business ethics ranch, the end of '08 has – sadly – given us plenty of new material to fuss and be fearful over. Our friend, Mr. Madoff may have scored the highest points for sheer personal gain – even while using one of the oldest and simplest fraud schemes even devised – but ethical and legal scandals of all shapes and sizes continue to populate virtually every news publication I see. 

May 2009 bring us all a world that is more peaceful and less dominated by the seemingly omnipresent legal and ethical scandals of the recent past.

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