A Rare Commercial Announcement…

I don't often use this blog as a platform form for selling stuff but now and then I understand that folks may see things they'd like here. So, here's one of those rare commercial announcements in case you're not a subscriber to the Weekly Ethics Thought, where these opportunities have already been announced.

First, let me say that the new product surveys have been extremely helpful! Thanks to all of you who responded. (If you haven't filled one out, it's not too late to let me know which new products and services you'd like to see in the coming year. The very quick survey can be found here.)
Here's what the greatest number of you have asked for so far and what will be coming up soon in '09:
1.) An audio version of Better Ethics Now: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming (Second Edition). I expected there would be some interest in this but had no idea there would be so much! (Glad I did the survey!) – It will be $14.99 (USD) + shipping/handling.
2.) Ebooks, ebooks, ebooks. The greatest interest so far has been in a collection of quotations on ethics, integrity, and values-driven business. It's already in the works and will hopefully be out before too long. After that, I'll get cracking on several of the other most requested titles. Looks like these are likely to be available for $11.99. (And, of course, they're ebooks so there won't be any shipping changes to deal with. Yeah!)
3.) I'm really excited about this one! I don't often have the opportunity to provide more people with more value for less money but this is one of those times. (Hooray!)
This will be a major revamping of the expanded audio versions of the Weekly Ethics Thought. Right now, CDs are selling by subscription for $15 + shipping/handling per week. That's $60 – $75 per month and is waaaaay more than many folks afford and, frankly, it's getting to be prohibitively labor-intensive for me. So, with one small change and some economy of scale, everyone win. Here's how this will work:
There will be one monthly CD with the entire month's Weekly Ethics Thoughts + significantly enhanced content. In other words, there will be even more content than before, just delivered on one CD rather than four or five. There will be fewer CDs for you to fuss with and far less work for me to create, duplicate, and ship. That extra time is worth a lot to me and I can pay CD subscribers back several times over.
Here's how…
In addition to the muuuuuuuuch cheaper price for the CDs, subscribers will now also get: 
  • A free softbound copy of Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming (retail value of $14.95) simply for subscribing.
  • 10% off any of my books and ebooks as they become available.
  • A monthly call-in day where I'll be available for half hour one-on-one consultation or coaching via phone or Skype. This is a value of several hundred dollars in itself. 
How much will this all cost?
The first month will be just $5.95 (USD) to cover a portion of the shipping fees for the CDs and the book. Stay in the program – with the various perks and benefits listed above – and at the end of the second month you'll also get another free book (Conversations on Success - It's a book of interviews with a wide range of management and leadership experts and it retails for $19.95).
Why all the incentives? I really want this to work for all of us and I hope that making it so easy for you to want to sign up will mean that there will be well more than enough subscribers to make it worth my awkwardly expensive time.
So, in the first two months, you'll be getting CDs valued at somewhere between $120 – $150 (USD) before shipping, two books worth $34.90 before shipping, and potentially several hundred dollars worth of one-on-one consultation or coaching. The monthly cost to continue to get those $120 – $150 worth of CDs each month plus the free coaching/consultation calls? $39.99 including all shipping charges. Even if you only use the phone-in opportunity a time or two, you will already have well more than paid for an entire year's subscription. And, that will be before the value of the books, CDs, and other perks. I'll be proud of this one if I can pull it off. So, I believe, will you.
Just want the monthly CDs without the other perks? I can still do that too. $19.95 per month (plus a flat shipping charge of $2.00 worldwide) debited to your charge card.
Like I say, I'm excited about this one. If you even might be interested in either of these services, please let me know so that I can keep you posted on their status. It can't happen without enough subscribers to provide some economy of scale but we're almost there and I love it that we can all come out ahead on this.
Changes in the free Weekly Ethics Thought? Nah. The overwhelming majority of you told me on the survey that you'd like me to keep it just as it is. Done!  :)
Again, Happy New Year and here's to a better year for us all! 

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