Update on “Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming (Second Edition)”

The release date for Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming (Second Edition) has now been re-set for early October due to a few last minute additions followed by an unexpected delay in the printing process.

In case you haven’t already read about it, my goal with this book is to provide the essential concepts and tools needed to immediately improve individuals’ and companies’ self-monitoring skills for many types of ethics risk that normally go unseen as well as the basics of reducing those risks. As with my keynotes and seminars, it’s intentionally short on theory and loaded, instead, with simple, practical, and immediately applicable ideas.

I’ve been flattered so far by the terrific advance reviews. Here are just a few:

“Christopher Bauer’s book is practical and provides information that will help companies perform better. EVERY manager and executive can learn from reading Better Ethics NOW!”

Steve Odland – CEO – Office Depot

“This book meets ethics challenges head on with simple solutions, keeping you from having to learn them in the school of hard knocks. It’s a great handbook not just for business but for everyday life!”

Olen Parker – COO – American Design Drafting Association

“In Better Ethics NOW, Christopher Bauer nails how to stop rationalizing your way through ethical challenges and take more responsibility for your choices. This is a book I think everyone should re-read once a year just to keep the message fresh!”

Joe Rolwing – Director – Cumberland Emerging Technologies

“Christopher Bauer has given us some very straight talk about the single most important subject in business today – ethics. The great lesson from Christopher is that ethics aren’t about ‘the other guy.’ Ethics are everyone’s responsibility. If you want to build a business based on integrity, you should get Christopher Bauer’s book for every employee.”

Joe Calloway – Best-selling author of Becoming A Category Of One, Indispensable, and Work Like You’re Showing Off

“A terrific book on ethics. What makes Better Ethics NOW especially practical and valuable is Christopher Bauer’s focus on assuming personal responsibility as opposed to mere finger-pointing. Well done!”

Stephen M. R. Covey – Best-selling author of The Speed of Trust

“I have the privilege of working with some of America’s most successful companies and their CEOs are vehement that their success as leaders rides on the clarity of their ethics and values. Regardless of what your job title currently is, if you want to become the kind of leader for whom people will walk barefoot across hot coals to follow, you MUST read Christopher Bauer’s Better Ethics NOW!”

Glenn Shepard – Best-selling author of How to Manage Problem Employees, How to Make Performance Evaluations Really Work, and How to Be the Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without

As I say, Im flattered!

Should you be interested, you can get more information on this revised and significantly expanded second edition, as well as reserve a copy, just by clicking here.

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