Now that Edelman has admitted their role in the walmartingacrossamerica blog, there is no more hope that they were wrongly accused or maybe that it was all simply some kind of hideous dream. (Just one of a myriad of articles on this fiasco can be found here at Brand Republic.)

That Edelman has made apologies is a wonderful thing. However, I haven’t been able to muster much in the way of forgiveness just yet… Now, I will admit that this is complicated in a variety of ways. I stand by my recent comment that most other PR firms would probably have gotten off with some ribbing and a few behind-the-back chuckles. So, is it unfair to hold Edelman to a higher standard?

I think it is reasonable to hold Edelman to a higher standard simply because they have been such a vocal, public voice for transparency. It seems to me that everyone ought to be held to this standard but, in fact, there is a difference when you actually claim to both support and personally uphold that standard. In my book, that represents the point at which outright hypocrisy is added to the mix.

I look forward to forgiveness in this case. Edelman has said and done far too many positive things to not be held in the highest regard. Until that forgiveness comes, however, I expect to feel a combination of saddened, angry and more than a little embarrassed for them. Here’s hoping for a quick and complete return to the standards of integrity for which they have long been known!

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