How Many Employees Are Actually Getting Ethics Training?

A recent article was brought to my attention in which an ethics study by the International Association of Business Communicators was reported and discussed. Among the statements in this article was:

“The study found that 70 per cent of employees felt that what is deemed ethically acceptable and what is not is communicated to employees, yet 54 per cent did not feel discussion of those issues was encouraged.”

I have not seen the original study firsthand so I cannot comment on either its methodology or the accuracy of this report about the study. What I can comment on, though, is that these numbers seem quite high to me. From my experience, these numbers might reasonably estimate the percentages if ethics are misdefined, as is so often the case, as simply following the rules. The number of companies providing what is truly ethics training is very much lower.

Any of you have a different view of these reported data than I do?

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