There seems to be an awful lot of chatter on the net recently about McDonalds’ Corporate Social Responsibility blog. Most of it seems to wrap around opinions – informed or not – about the degree to which the company is actually standing behind its reported CSR initiative.

I have no dog in that fight because I simply don’t have enough reliable information to have developed an appropriately informed opinion. (Though, if any of you have some solid information to report, I hope you’ll pass it along to me.)

What I can say, though, is that I think the site does a great job of showing what a public CSR site ought to do. It covers the nature of their CSR commitment, the values on which they have based that commitment, and it openly discusses both their successes and challenges to making good on a CSR initiative. It is also done in such a way that – without any hint of ‘dumbing it down’ – anyone can understand it fully.

Would I like to know that the company is fully engaged in its reported CSR activities? Sure. But regardless, if one is looking for a great model of what a corporate CSR initiative can look and feel like, I, apparently unlike some others, give it a solid thumbs up.

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