Send ‘Em On!

If there are either ethics-related news bits or interesting/helpful links you think would be of interest to other readers of Ethics Nexus, please email me with them. Many of you are tuned into other sources than I am and I’ll always appreciate being able to see/hear whatever is out there that I may have missed. I’ll post interesting, relevant information and resources here as efficiently as I possibly can.

In case it’s a helpful ‘filter’ for you as far as what to send me, I am extremely unlikely to publish or link to rants, material that is primarily political or religious in nature, or obviously flawed studies (unless their flaws are actually the point of the post…). Otherwise, I’ll look forward to seeing what’s interesting out there that has come your way!

Also, if there are topics you’d like to see me address either here or in my Weekly Ethics Thought, please let me know that as well. If it’s something I feel that I can competently say something about, I’ll certainly try!

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