Who Trusts You?

The integrity of your company is judged on the basis of everyones’ behavior – from the person answering the phone all the way up to the top of your organization. An ethical mis-step – or even the perception of one – on anyone’s part can lead to lost trust on the part of potential customers, affiliates, employees, etc. That lost trust all-too-often leads directly to lost business and no one can afford to treat that lightly.

Regardless of how trustworthy your company is, however, the public’s faith in your message may also be significantly affected by who is putting out the message. The giant PR firm, Edelman, has done an outstanding job of researching patterns of trust in companies worldwide, based in part on who companys’ spokespersons are. Lots of interesting findings. Rather than attempt to guess what you might find most interesting in their considerable stockpile of data, here is a link to a nice overview of key findings from their latest “Trust Barometer” study.

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