Christopher Bauer

Creating a culture of ethics, compliance, and accountability can be one process. Three outcomes but one process. Is it always easy? No. Is it always ‘do-able’, though? Absolutely!

The question is always, “How do we perform better in the marketplace?” The answer always includes, “having a visible, audible culture of ethics, compliance, and accountability.” That’s what Christopher Bauer will help you do.

“Claims of trustworthiness can only create customer hope. Your actual performance and accountability are the only things able to keep that customer coming back.” – Christopher Bauer

Your customers will see – in a heartbeat – if your employees aren’t actually ethical or accountable. Then they’ll be gone. Create a culture of ethics, compliance, and accountability! Christopher Bauer will help you do that.

If your company:

  • wants to create and maintain a culture of ethics, compliance, and accountability.

If your company:

  • wants every employee to actually do what they say and say what they do.

If your company:

  • wants to both unify and strengthen management, leadership, and customer service by assuring that core values truly drive all actions…

then maybe we should talk. That’s what I help successful companies do even better.

Christopher BauerWhether through a keynote, concurrent session, or a seminar customized to your specific needs, Christopher Bauer will help your attendees learn how to create and maintain a culture of both personal and organizational ethics, compliance, and accountability.

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It’s easy to say how important it is for your team to get ethics, compliance, and accountability right. The reality, though, is that even if your intentions are the best, actually getting it right is far easier said than done. Want to know how Christopher Bauer can help you be sure it’s really happening?

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book-thumbFrom his book and blog to free tipsheets and assessment tools, Christopher Bauer can help you assure that ethics, compliance, and accountability are a central part of your company’s sustained success.

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“All I could think of was how many kinds of companies and associations would love you. Your energetic style, humor, strong statistics, and techniques to challenge the audience are a fantastic combination. I daresay that any company with their doors open today would greatly benefit from your presentation.”

— Cindy Houston Hazen
President, NASP

“100% of surveyed attendees at your session said that they would recommend you to their colleagues and organization.”

— Steve Shenk, Symposium Chair
Gulf Coast Human Resources Symposium

“From a meeting planner’s perspective, Chris was a delight to work with!”

— Kim Pendergraft
Affiliate Service Coordinator
Texas Municipal League

“Great, practical, applicable material, all while being VERY entertaining and interesting!”

— T.L., audience member
American Energy Products